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Donald - TX - Admin

Joined: 4/1/2023 Posts: 32

5/27/2023 12:08:04 PM #1

Hi everyone, wanted to get your opinions.

When you go to "www.reel2woods.com" what screen would you prefer to pop up?  I'm including 4 pics, mobile and desktop versions of each page.  Wanted everyone to say whether they prefer the "Active" page or the "Home" page being where they first navigate too.




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Fishhunterlove79 - Tx

Joined: 4/18/2023 Posts: 30

5/27/2023 7:33:56 PM #2

I perfer the home page! I have gotten used to navigating from there thanks! Enjoy your weekend!

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Salty Pat 83 - Tx

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5/27/2023 7:36:13 PM #3

I'm on mobile.. I prefer to open to the home page with all the forums listed. I do often go to the active pages thread, it's a cool feature, but I think it looks better defaulting to the forums list 

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Brent Skarke - Tx

Joined: 4/23/2023 Posts: 11

5/27/2023 7:41:18 PM #4

I use mobile. I like opening to the home page,and selecting forums from there. 

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Traver - TX

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5/27/2023 7:47:37 PM #5

I like the home page myself. More eye catching in my opinion.

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C-GAR - Texas

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5/27/2023 8:27:18 PM #6

I prefer the active topic page. I like to quickly view the new post without having to bounce around the other message boards. 

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